Faszination Auto
Autowerbung von der Kaiserzeit bis heute Bildband, 208 S.,
über 250 Abb.
ISBN 3-928710-20-6
EUR 25,-
“The product is the hero!” Oldtimers and legendary cars are presented, embedded in the world of advertising and media. This book of pictures is arranged by decades and gives an overview of automotive advertising from the time of the Kaiser till present day.

Design, Kunst und Kultur
„…wenn das Gute liegt so nah!“

Reisen in Deutschland
Bildband, 128 Seiten, zahlreiche Abb.
ISBN- 3928710-43-5
EUR 20,-
German pictures and scenes. Travel accounts from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (newspaper). With accounts on the Berlin wall, carneval in Cologne, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, the castles of the mad Bavarian king and the sandpipers of Hiddensee. About castles and stately homes, the Ruhrpott (industrial region), Frankfurt airport and much more. Travel accounts from 50 years.

48,98 Tante Emma – Megastore
50 Jahre Lebensmittelhandel
Bildband, 204 Seiten, über 200 Abb
ISBN- 3928710-44-3
EUR 25,-
In review the cycles to which the retail trade is subjected become visible. The thirst for retail goods after the war leads to an unparalleled race to catch up. The grocer‘s shop – or corner shop – with it’s unpackaged goods cannot keep pace. More rational sales forms such as self-service stores bring the turnover of goods up to speed. The knowledge of goods is replaced by brand awareness. The brand glossary, which guarantees the practical use of the book, offers a tour through the history of the retail trade.

SitzLast StehLust
Plädoyer für das Arbeiten im Stehen
Bildband, 104 Seiten, zahlreiche Abb.
ISBN- 3928710-06-0
EUR 25,-
This book presents a plea for working standing up and against constant sitting; with illustrations, compositions and essays. It is our upright posture which renders us humans, free-standing extends our horizon, allows our fantasy free flight. The focus is on furniture, equipment, desks and standing aids. Furniture which is both mobile and makes us mobile.

Das Ehemalige und
das Einmalige – Edition Ost

Auflagenobjekte von Raffael Rheinsberg
Bildband, 47 S., zahlreiche Abb.
ISBN- 3928710-15-x
EUR 25,-

Alle Koffer fliegen hoch!
Die Geschichte der Reisebegleiter
Bildband, 108 Seiten, zahlreiche Abb.
ISBN- 3928710-08-7
EUR 15,-
Suitcases and bags are magical objects and mirrors of the spirit of the times. They give us an idea of the luxurious atmosphere of the Grand hotel just as vividly as the deprivations of flight and exile.

Zwerge Typisch Deutsch
112 S., zahlreiche Abb
ISBN- 3928710-05-2
EUR 15,-
The fascinating world of the dwarves, their fairytale appearance, their puzzling origins, are examined in this book with appropriate seriousness for this topic for the first time. What is the significance of the red pointed hat, why do dwarves love toadstools… There are answers to all these questions.


MegaHits der Werbung
128 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN- 3928710-45-1
EUR 20,-
Fresh to your screens directly from German. How time flies… Heinz Erhard advertising canned goods. George Thomalla serves advocaat. Washing with Klementine. Vico Torriani sings to puddings. Stars in the advertisement ring. Advertising makes both children and adults happy. A time documentary with the wild freshness of the spirit of the times from 50 years of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Faszination Auto
Autowerbung seit den 50er Jahren
104 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN 3-928710-32-x
EUR 20,-
The legendary career of this means of transport is made visible in advertisements. A video which cannot fail to inspire anyone with a shot of petrol in their blood.

Geschöpfe der Warenwelt

120 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN 3-928710-33-8
EUR 20,-
Many brand name figures became famous stars of advertising. For instance the HB man, Meister Proper, the Marlboro cowboy or Ariel Klementine. This video presents a collection of the most internationally renowned star figures.

Die tierischen Verführer
Auf Safari durch den Dschungel und Werbung
90 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN 3-928710-36-2
EUR 20,-
Who hasn’t heard of them, the Bärenmarke teddy, the tiger in your tank or the Camel Dromedar. The purple cow has become both a holy cow and a golden calf. The Sanso sheep, Opel‘s Tom & Jerry, the building society fox, all meet in this ark of advertising.

Werbung in der DDR
62 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN 3-928710-35-4
EUR 20,-
Advertising from the German Democratic Republic tells of the living conditions, the possibilities and the mentality, which the former GDR citizens brought with them to reunified Germany. This video is a unique testimonial of 40 years of GDR as seen in advertising!

Hans Fischerkoesen
Die besten Kinospots der 50er Jahre
90 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN 3-928710-38-9
EUR 20,-
Fischerkoesens style is the advertising fairy tale and ballad. Elfves fly in the eternally blue sky, the engine pistons look forward to tasty petrol, and Dolores‘ legs attract men like magnets. All films are underlaid with well-known hit melodies. A gem for all 50’s fans.

Szenenwechsel XII
Werke moderner Kunst vorgestellt
von Jean Christophe Ammann
45 Minuten Spielzeit,
ISBN- 3928710-41-9
EUR 20,-
About every six months a “scene change“ takes place in the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt/Main. That means, ten to fifteen rooms are redone. Jean Christophe Ammann, one of the most important art mediators in German-speaking countries, leads us through his museum.

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